Good environment

Good design and energy efficiency have been the guidelines for a project that has complied with the best sustainable practices in natural surroundings in Ourém

Filipe Saraiva, an architect, moved house in January last year. He created the new house himself, inspired by his children's drawings. Based on a modular construction system, the house produces electricity and is an example of sustainability, one of the pillars of Galp’s strategies and culture.


Made of concrete and steel, all the elements were carefully planned in accordance with good environmental practices: “The design took the direction of the sun and outdoor shade into account as a means of optimising thermal behaviour”, explains the architect. “Energy costs – lighting and air conditioning – are reduced thanks to the solar panels installed to heat water and to produce energy for self-consumption”. Located on a 3,250 m2 piece of land, the outdoor area has a rainwater reuse and drainage system, and only native species have been planted.

House in Ourém

Project by: Filipe Saraiva Arquitetos.
Area: 410 m2.
The house is located in a rural area in Ourém, with predominantly natural surroundings, and is characterised by its rectangular features.

This article has been published in the printed edition of Energiser.