Sines Refinery celebrates its 40th anniversary

The journey through the 40 years of history of Sines Refinery is inspiring and reveals a well-defined, long-term strategy with an innovative spirit and entrepreneurial capacity

The key facility in Galp´s strategy, the Sines Refinery is celebrating 40 years of existence. The refinery has always been capable of adapting to change, and the investments made in the last five years – amounting to around 42.5 million euros, in addition to a further 45.2 million expected to be invested by 2023 – have ensured it is prepared to embrace the future with regard to energy efficiency, cutting-edge technology and equipment, thereby enabling us to meet the challenges of the market and society at all times.


The origins of the Sines Refinery date back to 1972, when it was first designed with a view to processing the production of Angolan crude oil. The revolution of April 25th in Portugal and the independence of Angola changed the course and purpose of the refinery, which commenced operations in late 1978, basically geared to the production of petrol. A lot has changed since then, and the facility now has “the conviction that we possess the technological, industrial and human conditions to compete with the top European refineries”, remarks Carlos Gomes da Silva, CEO of Galp, guaranteeing that future success “will depend on the manner in which we are able to secure our capacity, agility and suitability in meeting the challenges of the market, where Galp – and the Sines Refinery – will need to position themselves on the side of the solution and not the problem”.

The symbolic ceremony held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Sines Refinery was attended by Paula Amorim, chairperson of the Galp Board of Directors, Carlos Gomes da Silva, executive president, José Martinho Correia, director of the refinery, and Nuno Mascarenhas, president of the Sines City Council, among other well-known figures, in addition to employees and formers employees of the company.


Currently, around 45% of the country´s number one exporter´s production is destined for international markets. The refinery has 527 full-time employees and mobilizes another 500 people from a number of different companies providing services on a daily basis. It generates more than 2,500 indirect jobs and accounts for the biggest slice of liquid bulk operations in the Port of Sines.