SingularityU: inspiring the future with a blue circular economy

A member of Singularity University and a partner of SingularityU Portugal, Robin Teigland explains how technology and innovation can contribute to a better, more Earth and people-friendly future

“If you love knowledge, set it free”. This is Robin Teigland´s motto, an American who lives between Sweden, where she teaches digitization management, and Peniche, where she´s the co-founder of Peniche Ocean Watch. She studies the intersection of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, striving for value beyond conventional boundaries, and is of the opinion that the more we understand technology the more we´ll be able to work with it and influence the future, particularly in relation to sustainability.

The fourth episode of SingularityU Portugal´s “Inspiring the Future” sees Robin Teigland address the issue of the circular economy and how exponential technologies can enhance the opportunities it provides. And this is where Peniche Ocean Watch gets involved, a coastal development project that promotes a blue circular economy through entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies and innovation, geared to, with the help of the entire community, saving the ocean and training communities such as Peniche to reap the benefits of digital development.