Life@Galp Home Edition Challenge

In accordance with the scenario in which we are living and the manner in which we have adapted to new ways of working, we have created a content platform open to the participation of Galp personnel and a number of guests in the “House” section

Life@Galp Home Edition is a channel for the disclosure and sharing of knowledge, tips, advice, experiences and success stories in this unique time of social isolation, when the majority of our workforce are now working from home, while others are on the battlefront.

We invited Pedro Ribeiro and Rita Rugeroni from Rádio Comercial to the launch, featuring the presentation video and challenge to the Galp community, at which they told us about some of their daily challenges. Check here the testimonial videos shared by our people.

All you need to do to participate is to:

1. Record a 1-minute selfie video on your smartphone, ideally in horizontal format;

2. Send it to;

If the video is bigger than 20 MB, send a link in the e-mail;

3. And fill out the declaration of consent.