Innovation platform supports energy transition

Galp has opened its doors to the ecosystem with a view to seeking out opportunities for the co-creation of value in a collaborative manner and then to share them with its partners. UP - Upcoming Energies will be a 'factory' of innovation

The great crossing

The first report on the life of the 5 to Port on the yacht Domum comes from Cape Verde, in preparation for the next leg of the long round-the-world trip: crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean

Land of Hope: two years of planting trees for a greener Portugal

The Land of Hope movement marked the passing of its second anniversary by planting around 12,000 trees in the Mata Nacional do Urso Nature Park in Leiria

Energiser in magazine format

Energiser is now being published in a premium, 92-page printed version. In the first edition, Carlos Gomes da Silva and Joana Carneiro talk about leadership in a magazine inspired by change

Award-winning Tremor Festival documentary

The inspiring story behind the opening spectacle of the Tremor Festival has won the M&P Communication Award in the Integrated Communication/Video category

Decarbonising mobility and the environment

WYZE Mobility is the latest shared mobility player in Lisbon. A Portuguese company geared to facilitating travel in the city by contributing to the decarbonisation of mobility and the environment

SingularityU: how to maximise human potential with technology

Could something be placed in our brain to make us smarter? Vivienne Ming, the guest on the final episode of the documentary series “Inspiring the Future – SingularityU Portugal”, believes that technology can turn us into better people

SingularityU: innovation in energy

The scientist Ramez Naam is an expert in energy and the guest on the 12th episode of “Inspiring the Future”, the documentary series produced by SingularityU Portugal and which addresses the future, technology and thinking

SingularityU: have we ever managed to block a technology?

It´s important to talk about technologies and their consequences for humanity. Manuel Tânger gives us his views on both this issue and entrepreneurism in Portugal in the 11th episode of “Inspiring the Future”.

SingularityU: How can improvisation change the world in which we live?

The answer to this question is provided by Robert Poynton, a master of improvisation and the guest on the 10th episode of the documentary programme “Inspiring the Future – SingularityU Portugal”

SingularityU: Exponential technologies and the future

Nathaniel Calhoun is the guest on the 9th episode of the documentary programme “Inspiring the Future – SingularityU Portugal”

SingularityU: can we be ruled by data?

Michell Zappa is the interviewee on the eighth programme of Inspiring the Future - SingularityU Portugal, a journey through the changes we´ll be seeing in the near future

SingularityU: technology and the soul

Divya Chander, a doctor and neuroscientist, is the guest on the seventh documentary programme Inspiring the Future - SingularityU Portugal

SingularityU: life on Earth

The Portuguese astrobiologist Zita Martins has been conducting research into the origin of life on our planet by searching for organic compounds in meteorite samples

SingularityU: 2045, odyssey on earth

David Roberts, a specialist in Artificial Intelligence, was this week’s guest of program Inspirando o Futuro - SingularityU Portugal

SingularityU: inspiring the future with a blue circular economy

A member of Singularity University and a partner of SingularityU Portugal, Robin Teigland explains how technology and innovation can contribute to a better, more Earth and people-friendly future

SingularityU: technology and human rights

Living in freedom may depend on what we are capable of inventing. Alex Gladstein, in charge of strategy at the Human Rights Foundation, was invited to participate in the third episode of the series Inspirando o Futuro – SingularityU Portugal

SingularityU: who are the students of the 21st century?

Esther Wojcicki, a teacher and journalist, was the central figure of the second episode of the documentary series Inspirando o Futuro – SingularityU Portugal

Men in space: from fiction to reality

Fifty years ago, the world surrendered to a man who made history by stepping on the moon for the first time. The Energiser remembers and honours the date, the conversation with another astronaut who marked the history of NASA, Jim Wetherbee

SingularityU: technology, future, disruption and our lives

The documentary series Inspirando o Futuro – SingularityU Portugal, broadcast on channel RTP2, is an awesome trip into our near future

Today is a good day to go around the world

With the support of her friends and a lot of emotion to the mix, Rute Gonçalves, her husband and three children set out from Cascais to fulfil a dream: a challenging circumnavigation trip that is a family adventure

New perspective

Galp's 6th Open Days GPE brought to Portugal specialists from different areas who presented their vision and knowledge about everything that involves the energy sector, showing trends and pointing out ways and solutions for a future that needs to be more sustainable

How 5G will revolutionise city life

The technology presented at the Smart Cities Summit illustrated how it will be possible to use vehicles remotely in safety

Ocean Talks discusses the sea in Cascais

The second edition of Ocean Talks warns of the problems faced by our oceans and provides tips on sustainable use

Portugal Smart Cities Summit: the future is happening here

Galp marked its presence at Portugal Smart Cities Summit, the event that represents the perspective of an increasingly dynamic future for Portuguese cities, in which technology and innovation are essential to improving our citizens´ lives

An example of equality through music and art

The artistic group ondamarela was the “conductor” of a social inclusion project promoted by the Galp Foundation and Galp Azores, which brought together the São Miguel Island Deaf Association and the Rabo de Peixe School of Music at the opening concert of the 6th edition of the Tremor Festival. An amazing piece of work documented herein

The importance of the Paris Agreement

John MacArthur, president of Shell VP Group Carbon, believes the Paris Agreement is universal, dynamic and highly ambitious. It´s a message aimed at all markets, reinforcing the idea that it´s time we invested in a low-carbon economy

The major challenge of energy transition

As far as Para Kathrina Mannion, director of the Advanced Low Carbon Programme at BP, is concerned, the major challenge of energy transition is to manage to produce increasing amounts of energy with increasingly lower emissions

“Portugal can be an example of sustainability”

Mohan Munasinghe, winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, believes we have been given our last chance to do 'the right things' to preserve the planet, and that countries such as Portugal will play a major role in serving as an example for bigger and more developed markets

Good client experiences are important for everyone

As far as Laila Pawlak is concerned it is important to understand that clients are different and therefore think in a different manner. We can only guarantee their attention and loyalty by creating remarkable experiences in their relationship with the company

Better leadership guarantees greater safety

Rules and regulations are not enough to prevent risks and accidents. We need to know how to create relationships, to motivate employees and to guarantee good communications in a company´s hierarchical structure as a means of ensuring nothing is lacking

Five set out on an adventure

This is not the name of an Enid Blyton book but a fine prologue to an adventure story. Rute Gonçalves, her husband and her three children are preparing to travel around the world

The champion is back

Armindo Araújo promised he would only return to the Portuguese rally circuit with a good project. The Portuguese driver retuned last year, won his fifth championship and now has a sixth in his sights

Global Teacher Prize Portugal returns to acknowledge the teacher of the year

After the success of the debut edition, this award, also known as the “Nobel Prize for Teachers” is back to find the most creative and innovative teacher of 2019

Cleaner energy in homes in Guinea-Bissau

Galp Foundation has launched the Fumukaba project with the aim of promoting the substitution of charcoal and firewood with butane gas in the preparation of food in Guinean households

Sines Refinery celebrates its 40th anniversary

The journey through the 40 years of history of Sines Refinery is inspiring and reveals a well-defined, long-term strategy with an innovative spirit and entrepreneurial capacity

Humanised management

What can we do to make business more humanised? This is the starting point for the debates conducted at House of Beautiful Business, an event with a unique way of addressing the world of work that brings together executives, artists, entrepreneurs and thinkers