Data and analytics to drive the future

Galp wants to become a “data-driven” company, but to do so it is essential to “involve people and show how analytics can help add value to our operations”, explains Jorge Afonso, Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) of the company. This is what we tried to do during the Data Open Day, which showed teams the potential of this new era of business

Energy, society and technology under debate

The ongoing energy transition process comprises three decisive components and the interaction among them was the topic under debate at the Portugal Energy conference held by the Portuguese Energy Association. The event was backed and attended by Galp, among other stakeholders from the sector

Agrovoltaic solution tested in Lisbon

Agrovoltaic pilot project, developed in a partnership between Galp and the Higher Institute of Agronomy, will assess the potential of shading created by solar panels to mitigate the effect of climate change on grapevines

“The aircraft of the future need sustainable fuel”

A flight with 35% less CO2 emissions took off from Lisbon for Ponta Delgada, in the Azores, marking the strategic partnership uniting Galp, TAP and ANA Aeroportos for the use of sustainable fuels. The aim of the three companies is to contribute to the decarbonisation of air transport

Constant adaptation is mandatory in a changing world

Nuno Silva and Susete Patrício believe that the transformation required by energy transition is just the starting point for a global strategy in which sustainability is one of the key pillars. Galp intends to lead through innovation and by example

The value of data

Galp has begun the groundbreaking implementation of the Collibra data management and governance platform, enhancing collaboration between teams and facilitating trust and transparency in the use of data