“We're running out of time”

The challenge of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 is just one part of a series of battles we must not stop fighting. Richard Lagrand, head of innovation at UP – Upcoming Energies, believes we have no time to lose and that the key to meeting these goals lies in innovation.

The future of aviation is electric and emission-free

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certified the first electrically powered aircraft this year, thereby opening the doors to the commercial exploitation of environmentally sustainable flights. The first passenger plane is due to be tested in 2023

Hope is green

As we celebrate World Environment Day today, Energiser underlines the fact that energy needs will be a major challenge by 2050, with renewables expected to play a key role in the creation of a more sustainable planet

Renewables are key to decarbonisation

Energy transition will be the biggest challenge for players in the oil and gas industry in the coming decades. Major companies have already embarked on this path, as have fledgling start-ups with an increasing focus on innovation in a market regarded as 'traditional'

“A global change in behaviour is required”

The substantial reduction in activity due to the pandemic caused by covid-19 has had a highly positive effect on the atmosphere. But what will and is likely to happen when the economy “warms up” again? Filipe Duarte Santos, a national expert on the environment, provides some leads

Work in the future will be increasingly online

Many organisations have been forced to ‘digitalise’ their businesses in record time in order to facilitate their teams working from home, thereby preserving the most precious asset of all: health. Now that an easement of the confinement measures has begun, what will change in the corporate scenario and the way in which business is conducted?