Helsinki aims to be the most digital city in the world

Big Data at the service of citizens. This is how the Nordic capital intends to take advantage of the terabytes of data created through citizens interacting with the different public services. The result will be new, more appropriate and timely services capable of predicting the needs of the population

The future of work

The switch of a significant percentage of humanity to remote and hybrid work is changing the way people see it and is likely to force companies to take a more individualised approach with each of their employees

Strategies for energy transition

In a changing world, large energy companies in Europe and the United States differ on how to approach decarbonisation. This was one of the topics in debate on the first day of Open Days 2021

“Galp is fully committed to renewables”

Carlos Relancio, Head of Renewables at Galp, reaffirms that the group is committed to the energy transition and lists challenges associated with investments in renewable energies, such as the issue of prices, lack of coordination between the various entities involved and energy storage

“Innovation is a beacon of light”

Strategic and central, innovation at Galp defines the guidelines for the discovery of the best solutions, opens up the company to the world and brings technology and knowledge into our home. Mobility is one of the key areas

The transformation process is underway

Mobility as we know it today will cease to exist and give way to an ecosystem of technology transition based increasingly on social, economic and environmental factors and adapted to the needs of consumers and the market

“The economy and the world are low-emission” 

Meeting carbon neutrality targets by 2050 is an ambitious mission that requires reinvention, innovation to create technologies that still don´t exist, and to take advantage of the ideal moment we are living in to make the transition to a more competitive world