Constant adaptation is mandatory in a changing world

Nuno Silva and Susete Patrício believe that the transformation required by energy transition is just the starting point for a global strategy in which sustainability is one of the key pillars. Galp intends to lead through innovation and by example

The value of data

Galp has begun the groundbreaking implementation of the Collibra data management and governance platform, enhancing collaboration between teams and facilitating trust and transparency in the use of data

ESG pillars are central to Galp's transformation

Changes in the energy sector demand attention focused on the three pillars of sustainability – environment, social and governance – and force us to rethink the impact of all our decisions on investments and strategic choices

"We want to open the doors to all start-ups"

Having sent our biggest ever delegation to the Web Summit, Galp´s aim was to move closer to innovation ecosystems in order to meet the challenge of finding joint solutions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

Diversity enhances the performance of organisations 

Organisations with teams made up of people with diverse experience, social and cultural backgrounds are potentially better-off and more successful. This was one of the conclusions drawn at a PWN Lisbon meeting attended by Ana Silveira, Head of External Relations & Regulation at Galp

Galp at the epicentre of energy transition 

Climate change is one of today´s biggest challenges, and a problem that nobody can solve alone. As far as Teresa Abecasis is concerned, the consolidation of Galp's ecosystem is proof that the goals will only be met by working together