Hydrogen cluster in 2021

Investment in the industrial project for the production of hydrogen, planned for the city of Sines in the Alentejo region, is expected to exceed 2.8 billion euros

When the sun shines, it's for everyone

Providing all consumers with solar energy is the mission of Energia Independente, a Galp spin-off that is striving to surround itself with partners for the joint creation of a sustainable ecosystem in order to achieve this goal

“Decarbonisation is a challenge for mankind”

Technology is the tool that will enable us to take the path towards carbon neutrality, a goal set for 2050. However, this will only be achieved with investment and a global CO2 market that ensures a fair transition, in the opinion of Carlos Gomes da Silva, Galp CEO

Portugal needs to invest in green hydrogen

Christian Weinberger, a senior official at the European Union, believes that Portugal is fully capable of producing clean hydrogen at a low cost, but warns that the country needs to seize the opportunity now and show more ambition in this area.

Energy transition, a need for the future

The path has been paved and many different solutions have already been found, but there is still plenty to be done. We will need to invest even more in technology in order to improve the use of renewable sources and energy storage conditions to enable the sector to move towards a low carbon supply chain at a faster rate

Is the digitisation of traditional commerce essential?

The pandemic has illustrated that in an economy of risk, in which the proximity between traditional commerce and its clients is limited, the digital format can help sustain the business. However, it is unlikely to replace the human side of the equation where the emotional factor is essential to the act of buying