“The economy and the world are low-emission” 

Meeting carbon neutrality targets by 2050 is an ambitious mission that requires reinvention, innovation to create technologies that still don´t exist, and to take advantage of the ideal moment we are living in to make the transition to a more competitive world

“We need to act quickly”

Susana Quintana-Plaza was one of the guests at the APDC Digital Business Congress. In an edition dedicated to the reinvention of technology, the Galp executive in charge of the organisation's areas of Renewable Energy and New Business highlights the company's technological solutions and once again stresses the need to speed up the energy transition process

The battery value chain: an opportunity we need to seize

There is no battery value chain in Portugal yet, however the country has the conditions and advantages to develop one and the capacity to achieve a leading position in both Europe and worldwide. The support of the government and partnerships forged between the business sector and academic institutions will be essential

“Brands change people's emotional state”

Marketing entails a journey that creates change in consumers, awakens desires and triggers emotions. This idea is defended by Seth Godin who, while delivering a lecture to a nationwide virtual audience, also emphasised the importance of the Purpose he classifies as the most current ‘P’ in the mix originally created in the 1960s

The start of a new era

The opinion of Pedro Amaral Jorge, president of APREN – Portuguese Association of Renewable Energies, on the challenges of energy transition