People at the heart of energy transition

As far as Galp is concerned, people are essential to the energy transition process and this idea was once again highlighted by the energy corporation´s managerial personnel at the QSP Summit in Matosinhos

Galp's presence at the QSP Summit, held between 27 and 29 June, brought together hundreds of specialists, thinkers and entrepreneurs in the city of Matosinhos, showing that people are at the heart of all energy-related activity”.

Energy transition is a matter of social justice, because everyone must have access to energy”, said Ana Silveira, Head of External Relations, Communications & Social Impact

The Head of External Relations, Communications & Social Impact believes that in 2030 Galp will be “a totally different company from the one we know today”, due to the fact the organisation´s transformation is based on “widespread openness to society and innovation” and “sound investments”.

Transformation is deeply rooted in day-to-day life at Galp. “Change is not merely a question of survival or business at a time when all forecasts point to the dominance of renewables. Change is an ethical imperative demanded by customers, stakeholders and shareholders alike”, declared Ana Silveira, warning that “decarbonisation will not happen overnight”.

Ana Silveira once again underlined the fact that people are at the heart of Galp's activity, and play a decisive role in energy transition

Ana Silveira also emphasised that energy transition is a “seismic change” that will only bear fruit through the reinforcement of “the participation of people and their spirit of collaboration”. “This engagement is necessary in order to gain the support of the population, which is important, but above all to enrich the debate and respective proposals, incorporating local perspectives, expanding the innovation ecosystem, listening to stakeholders”.


Galp is already the third biggest producer of renewable energies in the Iberian Peninsula, the market leader in electric vehicle charging and is now exploring the battery value chain. However, Matosinhos and Sines are where Ana Silveira foresees the biggest examples of transformation. “We intend to establish Sines as a major Green Energy complex in Portugal”, and we have several final investment decisions in the pipeline, depending on the stability of the regulatory and legal framework. “Matosinhos”, she continued, “is the biggest urban regeneration project ever implemented in the country; and the plan is to build the city of the future on the 240 hectares on which the old refinery stands.

Galp's CIO, Catarina Ceitil, hosted the conversation with Teddy Pahagbia at the QSP Summit

Catarina Ceitil, Chief Information Officer at Galp, spoke with Teddy Pahagbia, CEO & Co-Founder of BLVCK PiXEL at the “How to have a positive impact with digital?” worklab. Teddy, known as “Mr. Metaverse”, is one of the most influential people in the Metaverse. The fact that he is a visionary thinker, entrepreneur and technology expert has propelled him to the forefront of innovation. His engineering background and work in industries and government agencies in infrastructure management, service design and digital transformation projects have also helped him to establish this course of action, and led to him giving conferences all over the world.

Catarina Ceitil took to the stage to address Artificial Intelligence (AI), questioning Teddy about the fear that exists in relation to this topic. “People need to realise that AI is a tool, that it's not the real world,” she stressed.