Companies closer to the future

Flow has just launched the first sustainable mobility management system geared to companies and cities, aimed at providing better mobility, a cleaner environment and savings

Sailing in solar mode

A number of companies in our country are already running trips on boats powered by solar energy. An innovative initiative that, due to its eco-friendly features, is attracting more and more customers

The European Union wants everyone cycling

The financing model for urban mobility in Europe hasn´t been decided upon yet, but everything points to the fact that the bicycle will be part of the Green Deal package. Support for the purchase of this means of transport already exists in Portugal, and may be reinforced with European funds

“The main focus is on growth”

Flow is already a benchmark in terms of mobility. The company´s new CEO, Jane Hoffer, is concentrating on growth strategies, while not forgetting to guarantee a competitive business model

Smart mobility: the future begins now

The 4th edition of the Smart Mobility Forum, promoted by Nissan and held in Lisbon, brought together Portuguese and international experts from the fields of mobility and sustainability

Electric vehicles under analysis

Energiser accompanied the team from the magazine Exame Informática on a test conducted on an electric car to find out exactly what parameters are analysed, the main doubts in the mind of drivers and what to expect from these cars in the future