Cycling for a greener planet 

This year´s World Bike Tour, of which Galp is a sponsor, marked the debut of the electric bicycle category and the new Galp urban mobility concept, Galp Ryde

“Electric vehicles can be a source of revenue”

The vehicle-to-grid project developed by Galp in partnership with Electricidade dos Açores and Nissan represents a change in the paradigm for the use of electric vehicles. In addition to savings, efficiency and the guarantee of sustainable mobility, the investment can actually be profitable.

CycleAI: the app designed to make cities bicycle-friendly and safer

What do a data scientist and a doctor have in common? Apparently little or nothing more than a love of bicycles, the means of transport that has brought them together in a project that has sparked enormous interest and has already won several entrepreneurship awards, including the Hackathon Building the Future Award, promoted by Microsoft and Galp

“Mobility will be different in the post-pandemic world”

Consumption habits will have changed forever once the Covid-19 crisis is over. Mobility will be given fresh momentum due to the fact people and companies want to be more sustainable. Partnerships, good data management, discipline and long-term vision will be essential factors in the management of smart cities

Ultra-fast energy

Galp and the municipality of Oeiras have opened an ultra-fast charging point in Alges, the first in Portugal designed to fully charge an electric vehicle in just 20 minutes

The growing use of hydrogen in mobility

Technological diversity and the new solutions being tested in several different fields, such as hydrogen, are an essential part of the energy transition process and the decarbonisation of the economy