The community of alcoutim has plenty of stories with positive energy

Galp is not just an energy company, it´s a neighbour committed to sustainable development, social inclusion and the well-being of the population of Alcoutim. This inspirational, collaborative project is creating a long-lasting positive impact on this community in the Algarve border region, rendering it more resilient and prosperous

A small motor that makes a difference

Reducing the cost of electric wheelchairs, making them lighter and easier to transport, thereby providing users with greater independence and an improved quality of life is the goal of a product that a team of 17-year-olds is striving to place on the market. They have developed the technology, won a junior business competition, and, backed by the Galp Foundation, are now attempting to be the best in Europe.

Pina Manique Circular wins Energy Up 2023 Award

The project of the Pina Manique Education and Development Centre of Casa Pia de Lisboa won the 3rd edition of Energy Up, the largest national competition of ideas for the energy transition in Portuguese schools, promoted by the Galp Foundation.

Support for Ukrainian refugees helps make dreams come true

A year after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Galp has given a positive assessment of the support the company has been providing to Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war. The Galp Integration Programme and the Galp Scholarship Programme are examples of this support

Galp fuel drives Food Bank operations

Galp has delivered 375,000 euros in fuel to 21 units of the Food Bank (Banco Alimentar) charity across the country. The agreement was entered into with yet another volunteer initiative. In the words of the people entrusted with the day-to-day logistics and transport operations, responsible for driving the institution's activity, the support of Galp – either in fuel or in the form of volunteer work - is “very important”