Cyber threats increasing in times of pandemic

Fraud, phishing and ransomware are threats that continue to affect the security of information on PCs, smartphones and other electronic devices. Being at home, experts warn, can be even more dangerous due to the fact users are alone and more susceptible to deception

“We’ve managed to get closer to our customers” 

The Galp store in Malaga, El Limonar, was one of the first in Spain to reopen after the period of quarantine. The manager Joaquín Fernández outlines the new measures designed to ensure a safer relationship between customers and employees

Life@Galp Home Edition Challenge

In accordance with the scenario in which we are living and the manner in which we have adapted to new ways of working, we have created a content platform open to the participation of Galp personnel and a number of guests in the “House” section

“A lot of things have changed, but not my colleagues” 

The life of Ana Maria Munõz (Galp España), like that of millions of people around the world, has been turned upside-down in the last few weeks. That is, with the exception of her relationship with her colleagues, despite having to work from home. She explains how in this video

“I hope to be back racing soon”

In this video, the racing driver Galp Armindo Araújo talks to us not about his sporting activity, which has been suspended, but about his work as a technical fabric entrepreneur in the textile industry, now adapted to the health area