20 years of racing

What began as “having a little fun” has turned out to be a major success story. The Portuguese racing driver Armindo Araújo is celebrating the 20th year of his career and intends to take on the next National Rally Championship with a personal sporting project

A family at sea

Rute Gonçalves, João Monarca and their three children´s love of the sea led them, almost a year ago, to embark on a new round-the-world sailing adventure. On World Oceans Day, the 5 to Port talk about their commitment to the preservation of our oceans and how not even the stormy waters of the pandemic will be capable of wrecking their dream

The great crossing

The first report on the life of the 5 to Port on the yacht Domum comes from Cape Verde, in preparation for the next leg of the long round-the-world trip: crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean

Men in space: from fiction to reality

Fifty years ago, the world surrendered to a man who made history by stepping on the moon for the first time. The Energiser remembers and honours the date, the conversation with another astronaut who marked the history of NASA, Jim Wetherbee

Today is a good day to go around the world

With the support of her friends and a lot of emotion to the mix, Rute Gonçalves, her husband and three children set out from Cascais to fulfil a dream: a challenging circumnavigation trip that is a family adventure

The architect of the sea

Teresa Almeida, a specialist in the areas of urban planning and land management, is the coordinator of the Sea 2020 Programme, geared to supporting sustainable and innovative fisheries and aquaculture projects