Award-winning Tremor Festival documentary

The inspiring story behind the opening spectacle of the Tremor Festival has won the M&P Communication Award in the Integrated Communication/Video category

In April this year, the Tremor Festival staged a unique concert, which brought together the Rabo de Peixe School of Music and 20 participants from the São Miguel Deaf Association. The event, organised by the ondamarela artistic association, was backed by Galp Foundation and Galp Azores and embodied an example of equality both on stage and in life, through the energy of music and its talent.

The documentary, published by Energiser, which shows the behind-the-scenes of this emotional experience, caught the eye of the jurors of the M&P (Meios & Publicidade) Awards, and won a prize in the Integrated Communication / Video category this week.


An acknowledgement that, in the opinion of Sandra Aparício, from the Galp Foundation, “has reinforced one of the Foundation's goals in joining the Tremor Festival: contributing to the promotion of social inclusion in our communities. It is these extraordinary testimonies that lead us to believe that together, communities, companies and partners can contribute to a more humane world".