Recalling the Tremor Festival

Luís Banrezes, António Pedro, Ben Derico, João Vasconcelos and Diogo Sousa met up online, a year later, to discuss the impact of the 6th edition of the Tremor Festival and the award-winning documentary on the behind the scenes of the event.

The dictionary definition of tremor is a vibratory movement in different directions, agitated activity that causes shaking or trembling. The Tremor Festival was daringly designed to liven up and galvanise the village of Rabo de Peixe on the island of São Miguel in the Azores, and the repercussions of the event are still causing waves far and wide.

The video that gives voice to five leading personalities of the 6th edition of this emblematic initiative, which enjoyed the support of the Galp Foundation and Galp Azores, features the testimonies of Diogo Sousa, Communications Director at Galp, António Pedro and Luís Banrezes, co-directors of the Tremor Festival, Ben Derico, the director of the documentary on the festival, and João Vasconcelos, the CEO of Canal180, involved in the production of the same documentary, reflecting, in particular, the experience of the rousing concert that brought together the Rabo de Peixe School of Music and 20 members of the São Miguel Deaf Association.


Watch the award-winning documentary here.