Make way for the Truck of Hope

The Truck of Hope, a joint initiative created by Galp, TVI and Rádio Comercial geared to conducting Covid-19 tests in some of the areas with the greatest mobility-related difficulties in the country, is on the road, thereby helping those most in need

You never get tired of doing things you enjoy, the saying goes, and certainly not when there's a mission involved. This is true to say of the doctors and nurses who, riding on the Truck of Hope, have travelled already more than 900 kilometres from the north to the south of the country between 18 and 28 april to conduct covid-19 tests on over 1,000 Portuguese citizens.

Capable of carrying out around 100 tests a day, this joint initiative created by Galp, TVI and Rádio Comercial has already visited the regions of Vila Real, Chaves, Régua, Vouzela, Almodôvar, Moura, Marvão, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Castanheira de Pera, Tabuaço, São João da Pesqueira, Penedono, Viseu, Oliveira do Hospital and Viana do Alentejo.

Travelling to the most isolated regions in the country, where the population tends to experience greater difficulties with regard to access to medical services and reduced mobility, this charitable project aims to go further and to make a difference, increasing the number of tests conducted in these regions and speeding up measures to fight this disease. Consistent with its provision of support for the Portuguese people, the medical community and everyone in the front line of the battle against the covid-19 pandemic, the Truck of Hope will continue to travel around the country until 17 May.


The Truck of Hope boasts a team composed of four doctors, four nurses, two administrative staff and a driver and discloses the results of the tests within 48 hours. On the ground, the technical operation is managed by the National Association of Public Healthcare Physicians, who are entrusted with coordinating the entire procedure with the competent health authorities and town councils.

In addition to Galp, TVI and Rádio Comercial, other national partners such as KPMG, Unilabs, Mundipharma, Planetiers World Gathering and GlobalSport are also involved in the joint venture, which, together with the main sponsors, intend to combat inequality in areas with the greatest mobility issues.

After all, a simple gesture can change everything, emphasises Alexandre Marques, the clinical director of Truck of Hope. “It´s really gratifying when at the end of the day people are thanking you for enabling them to take the test so quickly”, he concludes.