Energising Mozambique

Energise is the name of the Galp Foundation project aimed at improving access to sustainable energy and the quality of life of thousands of people living in rural areas in Mozambique

The mission of the Galp Foundation is to develop projects with a positive impact on communities and the environment, in particular with regard to access to sustainable energy in the countries in which Galp is active. This was the context in which the Energise Project came to light in Mozambique, as a means of providing schools, health clinics and homes in rural areas of this southern African country with electricity.

The programme, which is being implemented in partnership with FUNAE – Mozambique Energy Fund, falls within the framework of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and involves the installation of photovoltaic solar systems (“solar villages”) in Cabo Delgado, Manica and Sofala. Once concluded, the undertaking will provide access to “clean” energy and services conducted on community infrastructure, thereby improving the quality of life of thousands of people.

With a total population of 29 million inhabitants, Mozambique is facing an enormous challenge in relation to access to energy. Almost 70% of the population live in rural areas, and around 16 million Mozambicans have no access to electricity*.

It should be pointed out that Galp and the Foundation have a long history of involvement with the communities located in the vicinity of the Company´s operations in the 11 countries in which the Company operates, both through education, projects in the area of energy and the environment and initiatives to promote non-governmental organisations and solidarity institutions.

*Source: The World Bank.
Photo: Bruno Pedro