Regenerating with energy

The second volume of the magazine Energiser reflects on our ability to start over, and features examples of resilience that both motivate and inspire us. The premium content includes an Energiser Talk between Sofia Tenreiro and Juan Verde

Energy is once again the predominant theme of a 92-page volume you can refer to or download here. The second edition of the premium magazine Energiser highlights our ability to regenerate, inspiring us and helping us overcome the challenges we face. Once again, the Energiser platform was the starting point for a printed approach featuring personal stories including those of pilot Armindo Araújo and businessman Miguel Pina Martins, opinion pieces by Clara Raposo and Paula Teles, specialists in management and mobility, and topics such as solar power, consumption and decarbonisation.


Sofia Tenreiro, a Galp executive, and strategist Juan Verde talked about resilience and the new challenges facing the energy sector in an Energiser Talk that opens the magazine and which you can listen to below in podcast format.