The value of data

Galp has begun the groundbreaking implementation of the Collibra data management and governance platform, enhancing collaboration between teams and facilitating trust and transparency in the use of data

Within the current scenario of rapid change, the amount of data to which organisations have access entails countless challenges, but opportunities too. Faced with different consumption habits and the new needs of its clients, Galp has been focusing on their adaptation, involving people, technologies and processes, in a joint mission consisting of converting data into valuable information for the business.

The implementation of Collibra is, therefore, another important step in this direction, as it allows for efficient, organised and scalable data management and governance. This tool promotes the dynamic collaboration of the teams involved in the management and governance of data, with the aim of generating greater trust and transparency in the subsequent sharing and use of the data.

As a means of ensuring the capitalisation of this ecosystem, Galp has invested, in parallel, in the creation of “data governance” roles, which are key to fulfilling this purpose – data owners, stewards and custodians.


Due to the fact that large volumes of data do not always correspond to a wealth of information, Galp uses Collibra to structure and govern the data available at the company by cataloging and contextualising these assets and ensuring their quality. In addition to the functional and technical context it gives the data, the tool gives visibility to its life cycle in a transparent manner, enabling more agile teamwork and the creation of integrated solutions within a complex ecosystem of data and systems such as Galp´s.

Galp uses the Collibra platform internally to structure and govern the data available at the company 

Given the challenging panorama of the energy industry, impacted by the acceleration of digital transformation and the increasingly pressing need to achieve energy transition, Francisco Sousa, Data Governance Lead at Galp, highlights the fact that the platform enables all the company´s teams “to possess greater knowledge of the data and the ability to process and analyse it, allowing us to create customised solutions to meet our clients´ needs and to optimise operations”.


In order to extract value from a company´s data, its people need to be prepared. Francisco Sousa underlines the importance of ensuring that business teams understand the value data can provide, offering solutions for collaborative work with data and technology teams for the design of increasingly objective, relevant and ambitious use cases.

“People, processes and technology all need to be aligned to ensure the company has an effective, but non-intrusive model of governance model geared to promoting collaboration between teams and the people comprising them”, explains Francisco Sousa. “We have to be able to break down the limits of our perspectives and the ways of working we are already familiar with to extract value from data for organisations”. We also need to acknowledge that “technological solutions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing will contribute to the emergence of new disruptive ways of doing business for the company”, he points out. As such, the implementation of this solution at Galp creates the foundations that will leverage the exploitation of all this potential.