Galp rallies to support refugees from Ukraine 

Galp is channelling its energy into the collective humanitarian efforts that are underway by implementing a set of solidarity actions worth 6.5 million euros

It is estimated that more than 15,000 Ukrainian refugees, victims of the armed conflict that is shocking the world, have arrived in our country so far. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Millions of displaced people and refugees, most of them women and children, are fleeing the war in search of a safe haven. More than just receiving them, it is necessary to welcome them.

In order to participate in the effort to respond to this urgent need for assistance, the civil society from several countries has joined the many government programmes that are being developed. Portugal is no exception, and Galp is one of the companies that has a package of initiatives underway with the aim of supporting the victims of the conflict. To implement them, Galp has set aside 6.5 million euros that will be divided between several internal actions and will be used in partnership with organizations that are at the forefront of community aid, such as the Red Cross and others.

On the other hand, in contact with the Portuguese Government, the Embassy of Ukraine and the Municipality of Cascais, which are organizing flights to transport refugees to Portugal, Galp is supporting the fuel costs and preparing reception kits with essential goods, such as hygiene products, plus some food products for the little ones. For this purpose, it relies on many volunteers with an open heart to help others.

“We have mobilized with the aim of giving comfort to those who have fled the war and left everything behind. That’s what has moved us. We have already made more than 600 kits and the goal was to reach 1000, a milestone that will be reached today. Our objective is to continue this emergency response as long as it makes sense and raise more goods, both through donations from our employees and their acquisition by Galp in partnership with customers and suppliers, which will then be delivered to reception centers”, explained Sandra Aparício, head of Corporate Social Responsibility, during a session of kits preparation that took place in early March, in Alcabideche, in association with the Municipality of Cascais.

“It is in moments like this one that we can make a difference in the lives of others. We are very grateful to everyone present and to Galp in particular, because this way we can better help all those who come to us in a situation of great fragility”, acknowledged Carlos Carreiras, the mayor of Cascais.


Galp is also supporting the heating of the reception spaces with energy offers, namely gas bottles, “to warm bodies and hearts”, as Teresa Abecasis explained. The COO in charge of the Commercial Department of Galp underlined that the company also intends to participate in the integration of refugees into society and the job market, and is already putting together a programme for positions both in the offices and in the operations and service stations. “We all hope this won’t last much more, so that life can return to normal. But if it lasts, we want to be present with structuring solutions for these families and offer them the support they need to have a life as balanced as possible”, she stated.