Alcoutim: A story

A new form of energy is taking centre stage in the quiet mountain town located on the banks of the Guadiana river in the Algarve, enhancing the day to day life of local residents. This documentary tells the stories of people whose lives have been changed by the arrival of Galp in their land.

What do Jorge Madeira, José Ribeiros, Marisa Aires, Rui Silva, Roderick do Carmo, Luísa Tavares, João Freire, Gonçalo Baltazar and others all have in common? They were all born and bred or are adopted residents of Alcoutim and are now witnessing the new life being breathed in the town.

Over the last six years, Alcoutim, the town in which Galp chose to build its first large-scale solar energy plant in Portugal, has been undergoing significant changes. This photovoltaic mega-project, vital to the country's energy transition process, provides far more than just benefits with regard to sustainability. It has already given rise to the inspirational Vilas em Movimento (Towns undergoing Transition) programme, which has the support of the town council and Odiana - Association for the Local Development of the Lower Guadiana Region, and is leaving indelible marks on the community in terms of social and cultural development and well-being.

With the approval of the Galp Foundation, Alcoutim is turning into an inspirational model of sustainable growth and social integration in the inner Algarve region, where past and present exist side by side for a better future.