Around the World with fado in her heart

Business Developmente Officer Patrícia Brandão, age 45, is often a woman in a man’s world, a situation that never interfered with her work

She travels the world with a Viana Heart necklace, a Portuguese traditional piece of jewellery, on her chest and music in her luggage. Patrícia Brandão is responsible for Business Development at Galp’s Gas&Power Supply and Trading. Always travelling around the globe, Patrícia lives in a culturally diverse setting. She is often a woman among men, but she never felt that her mission was harder for it. She even thinks that sometimes this fact helps make conversations flow in the international negotiations in which she takes part. This economics graduate can’t sit still, and music is one of her hobbies. Singing has been a part of her life since she was very young, and she also plays the guitar.

Energisers – an exhibition about people – portrays Galp employees based in Portugal, Spain, Mozambique and Brazil who ensure the necessary energy to guarantee the world does not stop.
The result of a partnership with VISÃO magazine, this photo report created by photographers Arlindo Camacho (Portugal), Enric Vives-Rubio (Spain), Mauro Vombe (Mozambique) and Jardiel Carvalho (Brazil) shows us, through a unique perspective, who these people really are beyond their professional role. How they spend their days, where they come from, how they live, what they did to get where they are and what dreams they still wish to fulfil.