©Arlindo Camacho


©Arlindo Camacho

Digital providing better customer service

Delmira Duarte 46, Responsible for Process Management and Continuous Improvement faces the mission of giving wings to Galp’s project Fénix

Legend has it that Phoenix, the mythological Greek bird, would combust and be reborn from the ashes every time it died. Delmira Duarte, responsible for managing Continuous Improvement Processes at Galp’s Gas&Power, has not only reinvented herself several times throughout her training, but is now involved in the mission of giving wings to Galp’s project Fénix. Chemical engineer with a masters’ degree in Thermodynamic Energy, she is now reinventing customer services using a more digital component allowing the company to meet customers’ needs more easily, while ensuring quality service. However, in order to switch off, she simply enjoys painting and cooking. “Cooking is an act of love. For me, it’s a mindfulness process, where I don’t think on anything else”, she says, smiling. As she enjoys having friends over for meals, she varies the culinary experiences she presents. “That’s my chemical side occasionally coming out”, she quips.

Energisers – an exhibition about people – portrays Galp employees based in Portugal, Spain, Mozambique and Brazil who ensure the necessary energy to guarantee the world does not stop.
The result of a partnership with VISÃO magazine, this photo report created by photographers Arlindo Camacho (Portugal), Enric Vives-Rubio (Spain), Mauro Vombe (Mozambique) and Jardiel Carvalho (Brazil) shows us, through a unique perspective, who these people really are beyond their professional role. How they spend their days, where they come from, how they live, what they did to get where they are and what dreams they still wish to fulfil.