Leading with determination

Cacília Sêco is 43 years old and works as manager Galp gas stations in Aveiras. Perfecionist and competitive, she likes to lead in a didactic way

At first glance, she may appear to have a tough “first-sergeant” look about her, as she jokingly admits, but she manages her team with emotion. Cecília Sêco, manager of two of the most important Galp service stations in Portugal, in Aveiras, is competitive and a perfectionist. She likes having everything well organised and she says she takes on an educational leadership approach: she wants her team of 29 to realise they are the best because they work harder and harder for their customers. Everything is under her responsibility. She only returns home at the end of the day when she feels she has fulfilled her duties. At home, waiting for her, are her husband and her four-legged tribe: a dog and three cats that she loves.

Energisers – an exhibition about people – portrays Galp employees based in Portugal, Spain, Mozambique and Brazil who ensure the necessary energy to guarantee the world does not stop.
The result of a partnership with VISÃO magazine, this photo report created by photographers Arlindo Camacho (Portugal), Enric Vives-Rubio (Spain), Mauro Vombe (Mozambique) and Jardiel Carvalho (Brazil) shows us, through a unique perspective, who these people really are beyond their professional role. How they spend their days, where they come from, how they live, what they did to get where they are and what dreams they still wish to fulfil.